Not only are Leeds United and Huddersfield Town separated by a short stretch of the M62 motorway, they have also been going toe-to-toe throughout this season in the Sky Bet Championship.

Such close proximity, in terms of both football and geography, has brought about a heightened sense of rivalry which, more often than not, spills over onto social media in general, and Twitter in particular.

The barbs thrown out from each fanbase can be particularly harsh, especially when one team wins and the other drops points. Huddersfield are on  golden run of form and seemingly picking up points with gay abandon.

In tonight’s game, the third-placed Terriers were facing relegation-threatened Bristol City who sit 33 points below them and in the last of the relegation places, a point from safety. Three points could be considered a must for the Robins if they are to begin to fly up the table, rather than have their feathers plucked and begin to spiral downwards.

Lee Tomlin’s 30th minute opener won’t go amiss as they look to move away from the relegation mire.

A defensive mix-up it may well be, but that hasn’t stopped Leeds United fans commenting gleefully over the fact that their local rivals are trailing at half-time.

Tomlin goal for Bristol City brings about Leeds fan glee

For this Leeds fan it’s a case of supporting anyone who is playing against Huddersfield.

Here’s another Leeds fan who is feeling the glee from Bristol City’s early lead.

Leeds fan Sohail cannot contain himself.

Max is happy too.

Chris seems more than happy that Huddersfield are trailing.

These two Leeds fans are now likely fully signed-up members of the Lee Tomlin fan club.

That was 1-0, but imagine if Bristol City scored 13 minutes into first-half time added-on. Scenes!

Leeds fans couldn’t contain themselves.

This fan implores Bristol City to simply hold it together.

And so the mick-taking continues from Leeds fans.

There’s still 45 minutes to go in this game, but the opening half has been one of joy for Leeds United fans.

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