They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that is appearing to be the case with Nottingham Forest and the takeover of the club by an American consortium led by former MLB franchise owner John Jay Moores.

Today was meant to be a day of twin heralds for beleagured Forest fans; today was meant to herald a new majority owner of the club in Moores and also herald the end of the dark days of the Al Hasawi reign at the City Ground.

The deal itself, for Moores to head-up an 80% stake in the club, and remove it from the hands of the despised Fawaz Al Hasawi, has been agreed in principle before Christmas. The American side of it is all seemingly tickety-boo, no problems existing Stateside and the £50m ready to seal the deal.

The problem was this side of the Pond, Al Hasawi said to be digging his heels in over ‘particulars’ of the deal. It was these particulars that needed ironing out in order for the deal to go through. When this happens, Moores will take a controlling majority of 80% and Al Hasawi will be left with a silent minority share of 20% that will diminish over time.

The Nottingham Post had said earlier that a meeting was due in London today so that the deal ironing could be done and the particulars agreed upon. That was on T-1, but t-Day didn’t bring about that eventuality. Instead, long-suffering Nottingham Forest fans, who just want their club back, will have to stay the celebrations a little longer according to an article written by the Nottingham Post and published on their website around 30 minutes-or-so ago.

Quoting a tweet (below) from MLB columnist Barry Bloom, it seems that John Jay Moores is inbound from Stateside and heading across the Pond.

However, the champagne may need to be put on ice a while with Moores admitting to Bloom that there is no definite timeline that he is looking to achieve in order to take over Forest, other than it being “soon.”

With Forest fans suffering a team in 20th place in the Sky Bet Championship, their captain saying his head wasn’t in playing (but still being able to get some golfing done), a weak surrender in the FA Cup to league rivals Wigan Athletic and distasteful trolling from one of Fawaz Al Hasawi’s ‘friends’ “soon” can’t come quick enough.

My only message of hope that I could even begin to give Forest fans is this: softly, softly, catchee monkey.

Patience will see this deal over the line and the end of an owner despised by a massive number of the Forest fan base.

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