Leeds United are a ‘second half’ side; it makes a difference being that rather than second rate for a change.

Consistent performances this season have been the  key in driving the Whites up the table and into fifth place, and definitely in the battle for a promotion play-off spot. However, the patient approach the team tend to take has led some to question the slow starts the Whites have, hence many labelling them a second-half side.

Last night, in the FA Cup Third Round, Garry Monk’s Leeds United went in at half-time 1-0 down to a side two leagues below them, Cambridge sitting in ninth in Sky Bet League Two. It wasn’t a strong performance. It wasn’t a weak performance. It was a Leeds performance, a first-half performance.

It didn’t exactly stink the place out, but after half-an-hour pundit Alan Brazil had gone nuts and singled out one player for his analysis (below).

Now, football fans don’t tend to take criticism well, and it is safe to say this should Alan Brazil care to look at some of the comments that Leeds United fans have left.

“Couldn’t tackle a special fish supper…” – Leeds fans react on Twitter to Brazil jibe

This Leeds fan wondered if there had been any outside influences on the words that Brazil chose.


There seems to be some sort of link developing here, fans thinking alike and that.

It seems that the link is both developing and extended.


This Leeds fan thinks that whilst Tyler Denton might not fancy a fish supper, Brazil himself might have experience in that area.


And Charlie has some support from Craig on this one.

Patterns, patterns, patterns. Seems it is a case of alcohol and fish needed for repetition.

Leeds fan Charlie fights fire with fire – and harshly too.

Leeds fan Paul mentions just what a lot of Leeds fans are thinking about the level of the comment.

Again, it is a theme that some Leeds fans revisit.

In fairness, you can see where a lot of the criticism of Brazil’s comment is coming from. Yes it was tongue-in-cheek. Yes it was a throwaway comment made without any slur intended on Tyler Denton as an individual – against his performance yes, but not against him per se. However, it was tweeted and that is what is the case that Leeds fans have responded to, and responded to with much harsher than I have chosen here as representative of their wrath.

In a way the final commment by Leeds fan Gaz is spot-on and bang to rights. Blanket criticism of the performance of the whole Leeds side on 31 minutes, but don’t arrow in on the one player.

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