Massimo Cellino is like a wedge, a wedge seemingly driven between the fans at Leeds, a wedge creating division. His manner, his decision-making, the words he speaks – all seem to create division between Leeds fans.

You have his supporters, the pro-Cellinoistas, who have been creatively called the Celliebers over on Twitter by their opponents in the anti-Cellino camp, the anti-Cellinoistas who are determined to remove the maverick Italian from the club. Both camps dig at each other on Twitter.

Oh, and he is the very definition of maverick – that cannot be denied.

In essence, boiled down to its constituent parts, it is a battle of acronyms: IMWT vs. TTGM.

Twitter is a battlefield for Leeds fans, in-fighting is de rigeur for both sides.

Last night Leeds travelled to Bedfordshire to Kenilworth Road to take on Luton Town in the EFL Cup Second Round. The last round had been a heart-in-mouth battle with Sky Bet League One side Fleetwood Town taking Leeds all the way to penalties – United winning these 5-4 with Rob Green saving the last Fleetwood effort. It was much easier last night for the Whites, Tyler Denton’s ‘worldy’ of a stabbed with the outside of the left boot goal bein enough to put Leeds through to the Third Round draw.

Afterwards, Massimo Cellino was in talkative mood, speaking to Leeds fans on the train back up to Leeds – as captured by Will Grattan (@Will080808) and posted to his Twitter account.

Forget Corbyn. Cellino finds a seat and speaks to the fans

Some of the things that Massimo says
  • “I found so much s**t in Leeds I am still cleaning.”
  • “And instead to go television and the papers and say ‘look at s**t, look this s**t’, pay money for PR. Look how good I’m [inaudible]This s**t me up, I shut my mouth and work hard.”
  • [on responding to off-camera question about Garry Monk]“I signed him, why should I fire him? Don’t listen to stupid papers. I tried to help him. He’s young, he’s got experience…he doesn’t have enough experience. But he’s got to steer, it’s a long journey.”
  • [responding to Steve Evans being mentioned]“Steve Evans, he’s a good guy, he’s f***ed up…He likes too much talk…[person mentions Evans losing weight]…I made him lose 10, 15 pounds.”

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  1. This guy is so amusing he should be doing something completely different.
    He’s such a role model for bigots.
    Well at least Evans is looking happier without him and putting the weight back on.
    GM meanwhile is looking older due to the late night phone calls and his lack of experience.

    Expect a sprinkling of Cellinos ‘fairy dust’…. fairly soon… it gets everywhere!.

  2. The fan disrespecting Cellino = there’s no need!!! If you don’t like him keep it to yourself gobby! Cellino is a man the papers love so if he reacts, they will be all over him trying to make him look bad. Now, I’m a Leeds fan of 44 years and I sometimes wonder about Cellino myself especially with some of the decisions he’s made but I would not publicly tell the man I don’t like him to look cool in front of my mates. He came to this club after Bates raped it and GFH fk’d it up. Whether you like him or not I tell you straight… Cellino has put his own money and reputation into this club and I believe he has the best interests of the club at heart. Whether you believe that or not makes no difference to me but at least show the man some respect eh? At least he has the balls to go to matches and to travel with fans. That does not sound like a man who is here to rape the club! Rant over…

  3. From another long time supporter Victor (50+years), you’re bang on the button and I couldn’t agree more.

  4. Can’t believe the clown saying get rid of Taylor and get Denton in what planet is he on ? The lads a brilliant player who will prob play for England in a couple of years who has had his head turned by byram and cook who are prob receiving triple his wages ,, simple answer if he rates him so much pay him his worth ,, I would he s worth 2 wages Murphy and diagoraga for example , much rather pay him there wages to keep him ,, Taylor knows his worth and it’s more than the 5/6 grand per week Leeds are paying him ! We’re all human if you get 500 quid per week do you move down the road for 1500 per week ? Yes

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